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    GPC Nationals 2018 -  Part 2

    GPC Nationals 2018 - Part 2

    Now that’s a wrap day one #gpcpowerliftingnationals 2018 @aotearoastrong  Massive Congrats to Big Nick Overall Equipped Champion with a 890kg total, plus set 2 world records. Only 10 shy of the goal but you smashed it .
    Squat: 325kg 
     345kg  no lift due to time limit  
    Bench: 200kg 
     Bench 200kg  210kg 220kg 
    Deadlifts: 305kg - world record  325kg - failed lockout 325kg - world record  
    Awesome Big Nick you did us proud 
    Thanks to @aotearoastrong for hosting this event 😎 #powerlifting #teamreynoldsnutrition#reynoldsnutrition #2solidcrew



    GPC Nationals 2018

    GPC Nationals 2018

    Congratulations- Huge Day for @hirokimarina 
    25kg Squat PB,7.5kg Bench PB,
    15kg Deadlift PB,47.5kg Total PB,
    9/9 Lifts. Congrats Babe you smoked your lifts. Only one in her weight class you earned that Gold  #teamreynoldsnutrition #reynoldsnutrition#2solidcrew 
    SQUAT: 115kg  132.5kg 150kg Pb  
    BENCH: 60kg 
     65kg  70 kg Pb  
    DEADLIFT: 120kg 
     140kg  160kg Pb  
    Smashed it 



    Bodybuilding Competition clients Checklist

    Bodybuilding Competition clients Checklist

    Countdown to the Bodybuilding Stage.

    We have created a checklist for our clients, to keep you up to date with what you need to do to get on that Stage.

    By now you should be well on your well with Comp Prep Nutrition & Training.  Have you started selecting your music for your routine.  Booked in some posing sessions?  We recommend you start posing the sooner the better.  You want to be able to present your stage package confidently and rock that stage !

    Stage Bikinis Posing Trunks & Sportswear gear, have you got this underway?

    We have businesses and services we recommend you you use to get Stage Ready!


    • Comp Prep
    • Training
    • Posing
    • Bikini/Posing Trunks/Board Shorts/Beach Shorts/Outfits
    • Stage Heels
    • Stage Accessories
    • Stage Tan
    • Bikini Bite 
    • Robe or large t-shirt
    • Jandals or Thongs
    • Backstage Bag
    • Mini Sewing kit for emergencies
    • Baby wipes
    • Snacks /drinks per your plan 
    • Bands or weighs for back stage 
    • Mirror


    Overall checklist and some things wont apply to everyone.  Just gives you an idea what you should get organised.  


    Businesses we recommend;

    Reynolds Nutrition:
    Nutrition, Training, Posing & Music Cut

    Stage Bikinis, Posing Trunks & Sportswear

    Tan in the City:

    Stage Tan

    Delish Heels:
    Stage Heels 
    discount code: Reynolds15

    Marina Hiroki:
    Posing, Choreography, Music Cut   & Stage Jewelry 

    Alchemy Nutrition: 
    Supplements & Bikini Bite
    discount code: Reynolds 

    The Warehouse:
    Robe, Thongs, Baby wipes

    $2 Shop:
    Sewing kit 

    Food & Drink 

    If in doubt and you aren't sure just ask your coach. 


    Nick & Marina 




    20 week Comp Prep starts soon

    20 week Comp Prep starts soon

    The next round of 20 week Comp Prep starts 26th May 2018.

    Get in touch to secure your spot.
    Reynolds Nutrition customize plans for the absolute beginner to the Professional Athlete.

    • Customized Plan
    • Unlimited Adjustments 
    • Weekly/Fortnighlty check ins 
    • Supplement Advice 
    • Posing Support 
    • Peak week Plan 
    • Reverse Dieting 
    • Unlimited online support 

    We cover everything from Nutrition, Training, Supplements & Posing.  
    This plan will guide you to the Stage from start to finish. The most important part after you finish competing is getting your Nutrition back on track after you compete Reverse Dieting.  Reynolds Nutrition covers all bases so you know exactly what to expect!  

    We encourage our clients to enter whatever competition they wish to. 
    WBFF Australia, Nabba-Wff New Zealand, INBA, NZIFBB, NAC, ANB

    Email: nick@reynoldsnutrition.net  or Marina@reynoldsnutrition.net